What is Irlen® Syndrome



Irlen® Syndrome is a condition that affects how people perceive information.

Irlen® Syndrome

Irlen® Syndrome is a disorder that affects the brain’s ability to deal with visual data, not an eye problem. It has been known to be handed down through families and isn’t currently recognized by usual educational, optometric, or medical assessments. The effects of this issue can be diverse for each affected person.

Irlen® Syndrome Is Not A Reading Problem

Irlen® Syndrome causes a wide range of physical and cognitive symptoms that can significantly impact a person’s overall health and well-being. Irlen® Syndrome is not a reading problem. It affects the entire person whenever their eyes are open.

Irlen® Syndrome Starts With Light

At its core, Irlen® Syndrome is caused by the brain’s inability to process specific wavelengths of light. Visual information is gathered through the eyes as light, then transferred to the brain as electrical signals, where the information is processed. Bright and fluorescent lights can exacerbate symptoms of Irlen® Syndrome.

The Whole Body Is Affected By Irlen® Syndrome

Whenever the eyes are open, the brain tries to process visual information. Irlen® brains have to work too hard to process this information, and this can result in a laundry list of physical and cognitive symptoms: fatigue, headaches, migraines, eye strain, nausea, poor balance and coordination, poor depth perception, disrupted sleep patterns, visual distortions, attention and concentration difficulties.

Re-Sync Visual Signals

In Irlen® Syndrome, the visual signals being sent to the brain are out of sync, making them difficult for the brain to process. The key to addressing Irlen® Syndrome is correcting the deregulation of visual signals and putting them back in sync.

Irlen® Syndrome Is A Brain Processing Issue, Not An Eye Visualization Problem

Even though some people with Irlen® Syndrome may see distortions on the printed page or in the environment, Irlen® Syndrome is not a vision problem and is not caused by any problem with the eyes or vision. Irlen® Syndrome is a problem with the brain. The parts of the brain that process visual information are not working correctly. They are over-active.

Color Calms Over-Activity

Filtering visual information through color changes the speed at which those visual signals reach the brain and allow the signals to sync up properly. The brain no longer has to work harder to process visual information, and brain function returns to normal – the brain is calm, over-activity is gone, and physical and cognitive symptoms disappear.


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