Dylan’s story with Irlen® Syndrome and spectral filters

by | Dec 27, 2022

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Dylan Cisar

Dylan Cisar has used spectral filters to help with his Irlen® Syndrome Symptoms since 2016.

Irlen® Syndrome is a visual perceptual disorder that affects how the brain processes light and causes various symptoms, including extreme light sensitivities to fluorescent lighting.

Dylan Cisar first learned about Irlen® Syndrome from Rose Willett at CMU.

Rose has known Dylan since he was in fifth grade. Rose was also exposed to him in high school, where Rose Willett worked, and Rose worked at the college that he was attending. Dylan had issues with bright lights and concentration and was not able to maintain good comprehension.

Dylan has been wearing his lenses since February 2016. Dylan wanted to get the lenses just because of so many difficulties with schoolwork and all around life. Dylan said, “I thought Irlen®’s lenses would help me with all that because the overlays initially made it easier to read books and easier for school and just average things throughout the daytime.
Some of the issues I was dealing with at school were just trouble reading, paying attention to the board, the brightness of the board, and the extreme brightness in a classroom. Everything basic just became a struggle. Some of the physical symptoms I had for Irland syndrome were a lot of headaches while reading and defining the words while reading. I couldn’t clarify it without the glasses. My comprehension went up, like, incredibly too.”

Dylan’s glasses are not sunglasses, even though they’re tinted. The lenses will screen out the different wavelengths or colors of light that are irritating or bothersome to his brain so that his brain doesn’t have to work so hard.

Dylan Cisar’s schoolwork became incredibly more effortless. Everything within homework and schoolwork is just so much easier. My GPA jumped. Dylan said, “I can pay attention in class. I can sit in the front row of the class. I can handle everything that’s coming in and just focus on what I’m doing.” Dylan Cisar, was an accounting and psychology major at the time of this video, Sep 28, 2016.